midnight oil

Ive always admired vehicles, wondered how shapes and ideas merge to develop iconic machines... And through photography I've found how to explore those actions. Since a kid I would practice with my dads 35mm and as time went on, a few hundred in equipment and time I've finally found my oil well. Welcome to Enthusiast Auto Group, the regions largest independent BMW service center. Specializing in the best quality and most iconic M sport vehicles. Below are a few of my favorite.


LimeRock or Lightweight 

Both are a defining model for each generation, one takes the motorsports term and applies the era nostalgia and the other enhances the vehicle to perfection for those spirited at heart.  



Back when the automotive world developed homologation vehicles, the M3 Sport EVO embodies a time of form follows function design principle. This M3 is a true time capsule! 



Sometimes manufactures get to build a sportier version of their coupe or sports vehicle in their lineup providing a limited editions accesories that will add to the unique experience. But this time BMW took their base sports car and made a race car that can be driven to and at the track days!

CAUTION!! Driving on legal normal roads may lead to spinal issues. - Beyond stiff suspension & race seats equipped -