Every project I get, I take with pride and honor but this one had more to it...

So a few years back I did a shoot for a customer that was gifted to him and ever since like every shoot or design project they become apart of my life. So randomly I'll get text or meet up to just catching up or in this case with a request. Brian asked me to block out time for a shoot because his dad was driving from Florida to Ohio for vacation and wanted some shots of his new Vette. When he told me it was for his dad I felt  I had to take this shoot to another level and deliver great memories.

As the tile says LIFE MOVES FAST and as quickly as it goes, good or bad its just amazing to have the gift of life. Specially when you get to experience and share your passions with your most loved ones. In this case Brian and Elmer have been sharing a father son connection through the automotive passion specially building cars.

The Z28 above used to belong to Dad and a few years into it now its Brian's beast. So dad needed a ride so went shopping for a daily and he says he could not be any more happier with his choice! I couldn't agree more, just as time flies by, you need to ride in style and speed! So to keep with the theme my priority was to deliver amazing rig shots. And for those type of shots and a convertible you need backroads... Indian Hills is hits the spot! I ended up finding this closed road that worked perfectly on the rig shots!

After I packed up the rig I had to pick another location and I knew there was a nice modern house down the road... And we lucked out!!! The owner who at the moment looked like he was recuperating from a surgery, with a smile on his face came out and said sure and talked with us for a bit after heading back inside. We setup the lights and did a quick strobe shoot. 

Then a few days later we meet up at downtown Cincinnati and took the final shots. 

Like always I had a blast and this time I added a second Dad to my family! Thanks to Elmer and Brian for the opportunity and Alex for assisting in the day part of the shoot. Enjoy and till the next time!