I rarely get asked where do you work because most people think I do OJS Design as my full time job... The truth is I do Graphic Design and apply my Industrial Design degree to develop any requested material from the Engineering, Marketing, Installation, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Managers, Support and I.T. Department at SentriLock. Ohh and as well any request from our 270 Associations we provide our services to.  I have been working with SentriLock since 2008 and its never lacked work or motivation. I have been blessed to work with amazing people I call my friends for life, to people who have molded my approach as an employee and most importantly given me the confidence and encourage my freelance endeavorers.

At SentriLock I have developed a variety of work from icons for our Mobile app, to interactive users interface for trade shows use. Anything raster or vector, web or print, videos to stills;  I have strived to keep their brand consistent while keeping up with the design trends.

Below are a few example of my work for SentriLock, all developed by the team of I!


4/2016-UPDATE: No longer work at SentriLock. Since then a lot of employment options have developed to push me to run my own design, photography and video production creative resource to anyone in need of timeless work! I am thankful for the years served with them, real friends I came out with and the many things learned through those 7 years. Wish them the best and here is to new creative challenges!