When I first arrived to Cincinnati, Ohio literally my first experience while driving to my girlfriend house (my amazing wife now a days) involved an automotive experience! And I have been driving for 13hours from Savannah, car is full of boxes with my personal belongings AND my dog coco in the front seat... So comes this loud Integra flying by me on i75n to slow down and pull up next to me. In the car there was two guys one in a computer and the driver. He looked at me and floors the car to go out into the distance.... Right there I had the feeling that this place would keep me entertained! As months went by I got my first job and the itch to mod the car became stronger! So my first mod in this city on my daily (and only car at the moment) was change my wheels. I ended up buying a set of old school JDM wheels and needed them refinished so after some searching I found Wheel Doctor. My first encounter with Glenn the owner of Wheel Doctor was the same as its been ever since I've been in the midwest, with respect, amazing customer service and always a flawless finish!! Last year before it got cold I was able to snap a few of one of his wild creations! And not only did I learned more about his company but his true passion to build amazing rides all by his own hands! This GTi has not a single section that he has not given attention and modified it! The more I moved around the car more I saw that his work ethic is translated into his vehicles.

If you ever need your wheel refinished(and your local), whether they are stock or custom, get bent or just looking to give it your flare, stop by their shop! You won't regret it!