Throughout the course of this year I have strived to chase my dreams and set out to accomplish my main goal I set back in 2001 when I made the decision to head over to the states... And that is becoming a full time Designer for the automotive industry.  Through the years I've been blessed with many individuals & companies who inspire, encourage and grant me the opportunity to showcase my passion, because of them my dream is becoming a reality. With that said one of my main goals as a photographer was to land a cover in any magazine and while it seems simple, its a hard task to land. I like to think it comes with hard work but reality is there is 90% is being at the right place right time. It also helps to have the right car and Weapon X Motorsports Stingray was the perfect candidate and helped the cause in landing the cover! The feature will be on stands in November but if you like to get details on the build header to Vette Magazine

If you or anyone you know has a Vette that belongs in a magazine please don't hesitate to contact me and will get it on stands!!