I've always respected and admired the off-road scene but this event take the crown as Kings of the most difficult, challenging and rewarding event I've ever experienced... Kings of the Hammers an event that bring the best desert racing and rock climbing teams/vehicles out from all parts of the states to Johnson valley, CA is like no other event!!! The advantage goes to the locals as they get to test and prep for this event all year but that is easier said than done as there have been east coast teams conquer past event and have their eye set on it again this year... 

Best part was being able to experience life in the desert its terrain, scapes and race fuel for the entire week!! Without the RV the trip is somewhat possible but the weather was cruel this year and we had some days of 30ish degree weather, so having this pig helped!! Second was being able to experience the off-road community! Bunch of great gear-heads and all seeking a trill that most don't get to even complete... The dedications the teams show is infectious and made me go the extra mile! Through the week I was out working for a few brands getting some content for their marketing efforts and this place has to be the toughest terrain I've ever shot an event AND I like it!!! The entire week had different classes racing, testing and even a vendor row so there was something to shoot, drool or learn about!! AND remind you... this is ALL out in a DESERT?!?! Media experience was like no other! Always providing great information for story development or whats going up to the second, to a great area to get wifi and relax! Ohh and they had the best heated tent I've ever been in! jajaja!! All in all this event delivered more than what I was expecting and seeing the room for improvement and opportunity available I know they will take this to another level through the years to come! Add this to your must attend because ULTRA 4 Racing delivers like no other show out there! 

Below are a few quick ones and next are some of my fay in high Res! Enjoy and see you next year KoH!!