Back in 2001 when I came to the states to go to college at SCAD I would be lying that one aspect that I looked forward was eating some american food! In Georgia that souther corn bread and BBQ was so different than the BBQ from Puerto Rico, but both equally as good. What really impressed me the most as time went by in college was the diversity that SCAD had which led to even more food tasting. Believe or not I had my first taste of sushi in the states and it was because of my best friend to date Khoa. He was amazed I never had sushi since I lived in an island and fish is as fresh as it gets. I just never though you could eat something raw... So he took the challenge to introduce me to food and one of those memorable experiences dates back to my 21st birthday. He invited me to his home in Florida where his family from Vietnam lived. That week I got to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine as his mom would prep food just like and better than the typical food from Vietnam. My favorite dish from that trip was Pho. A soup that warms the soul with all of its layers of flavors!!! And yes we had soup in the heat of the summer in Florida and I could not get enough!!! Like everything there are shortcuts and using those routes gets you there quicker but its not the full experience... That was not the case with Khoa's mom approach to cooking. For this soup she would do the broth a day before letting all the elements simmer and creating all those layers of flavors, no pre package or soup flavoring here!! That day was and will be forever in me as I really saw how her approach and upbringings molded her food and her family.

So years pass and we graduate, we move to different parts of the state, get jobs some related to our field others just to get by, some of us had kids other had more pets, yet we always stayed in contact no matter the distance. And a few years back, say 2 or 3 years ago Khoa and I reunite because of a shoot I had in Seattle and first thing he does is take me to experience North West the food and culture, which is amazing!!! In that trip although he was in a successful part of his life yet he felt empty and the need for change was in him... So last year he calls me and tells me that he was going back home to open a Pho restaurant with his family and wanted me to be apart of the journey! I was excited for him and when I asked him if he knew what the name would be he said "Pho-Real". I knew that was the perfect name for it as it showed what their main dish would be and the family sense of humor that is so contagious!! Without hesitation I took the opportunity and went to work to create some items for their future and revived passion. 

I wanted to create a branding that quickly showed what they offered and what it was they specialized. Of course the name had it in it with "Pho", being their main dish my main approach was to visually show elements typical used in their Vietnamese cuisine to create this dish.  I wanted to create something that would show a higher end of this cuisine so I took a clean approach with a bold font, one color and a emblem type of logo. Best part was they gave me all the freedom to develop it, which can be a good and bad thing. But given the fact that I knew their personalities I knew quality what they needed. Their response to the logo was beyond my expectations they had no changes and loved every part of it!!! A few months later I drive down to Florida to get some images of their food and best part was do some tasting!!! From there i did a few design for them to use for marketing and wall art for their business. 

This project is to date one of my favorites as I got to help someone who was and will be my friend for life! He taught me so much, was always there for me and most importantly feed me through collage and while that seems like most people do that to me the moments we had meant more that anything in life! If your in the Ocoee area stop by and taste what passion is all about!!

Below are some of the projects I created for them. 

Pho-Real /  (407) 614-1684   2910 Maguire Rd Suite 1006, Ocoee, FL 34761 area 

If you need a logo designed, food images or quick videos please send me an email!