Say you have the chance to buy an exotic car and your options is a sanitized yuppie or a rejuvenated legend... Which one would you choose? If you think there is a right choice then great but in the case of Kevin there was no compromise and it just had to be both! 

The McLauren MP4-12c is so advanced and yet it seems to lack that wild factor that is found in supercars. But like everything on the interwebz its nothing but an opinion, because really the car defines growth and progress but at the same time all this technology takes away from the developing relationship with a car.  I think its great to have technology that keeps us safe and makes the journey more efficient  but thats for a daily driver... Granted what is a daily driver is different in the eyes of a young professional to a accomplished soul. This car is no where near a exotic car as its easy to get in, moves smooth (made for great rig shots) and most importantly is actually has a rear window and visibility that would be needed in a daily commuter. The more I looked at it the more I found it interesting that McLauren did a daily type of exotic, which is actually how Kevin used it. But like every gear head, he needed that brute option to smash out the frustrations with a proper manual and just demands respect that an exotic car should posses....

As we where done with the Mp4-12c and Erebus (the GT) rolled out I was curious to what the red label on the back quarter said... Heffner. I've heard stock GT before and this one sounded completely different! As he pulled out it made a faint hissing which got me all warm inside!!! Kevin tells me that its a Twin Turbo built by Heffner Performance, detuned to 1000whp to make it easier to drive. The exterior had subtle changes that made it even more aggressive. And as we shot into the night I found myself rushing since we only planned to shoot one car. But this year will be doing a revisit to Kevin's garage and I'll be getting more detail shots and specially a set of killer rig shots!