Another subject to expose while in the desert was this amazing Jeep, equipped with all the accessories and lights you'll need for the apocalypse or a good late night mall crawl! The Jeep is equipped/sponsored with some serious LED lights from the guys at JW Speaker. To complement the lighting it has some great looking bumpers, light mounts and fenders from Nemesis Industry.  JT the builder has built a few Jeeps but this one takes the crown! Best part is that it gets used properly so make sure to link your calendars and attend a few or a national show as they drive from coast to coast.

I had to do the shots in stages as the lights and a few other accessories had not been wired up... but that lead to a great opportunity to shoot the SPOD guys doing their magic! They worked quickly and with great precision. You can clearly tell they take great pride in their work! 

Before the trip was over we took an hour and drove out to a dark location with minimal light pollution. Thats where I experienced what a quality  LED light can do! Simply amazing and crazy!!! 

And finally I was asked to design their 2016 hoodie for their trade show and event. I wanted to emphasize their brand slogan, as when you see or hear their name it hard to visualize lighting. To create this I combined a few design elements and a full vector design good for other use and large scale prints.