First time I laid eyes on this red head was in SEMA and I really never got to look at what made this car  a SEMA build. Later that year in a warm december day I get a text with an image of this same car getting dropped of at Total Performance Racing to boost its performance to match the looks!

As the car arrived little time was wasted and in no time the car was on the dyno to get a baseline. The car put down 560hp to the wheel and show room for improvement. It came with a ProCharger that the guys at APR Performance installed. They also added their line of Aero products that complement and add functionality the package. Equipped with a set of RAYS wheels I was surprised they pick this brand and wheel type but once you see it from different angles its one of the best style and most importantly its performance oriented matching the theme of the car. The guys at TPR added a bunch of other parts from great manufactures to their signature performance series parts making it a different vehicle! 

We didn't have the time to get a final video clip of it at the dyno but we had a bit of one on one time with her! Below are a few images I took, we had plans for a feature but the car is going yet through another change and its only fair to do a reshoot ;)...